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2019 Alabama Employee Handbook Template

Quickly Create A Professional Employee Handbook In Less Time Than Your Next Lunch Break!

100 + policy topics for the state of Alabama

Quickly & Easily Customize With Your Company Logo & Branding

Attorney-Drafted, HR Proffesionals Reviewed, & Designed By Graphic Artists

Clickable & Auto-Updated Table Of Content (TOC)

Includes Latest DOL, December 1, 2016 overtime requirements

Formatted in MS Word, Open Office, & PDF

Fast, Easy, & Painless to Complete

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Includes a FREE Safety Manual

Includes FREE No-Compete & Non-Disclosure Agreement

Includes FREE Drug Testing Policy & Consent Form

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Looking For A Quick Professional Employee Handbook Solution?

Creating an employee handbook can be:

time consuming




Figuring out what to include and how to word it can tie up the HR and legal departments for weeks, months... or in some cases years & now you've been assigned the task of creating one.

Employee Handbooks Can Be Confusing!
Employee Handbooks Can Be Confusing!

Employee Handbook Template Written, Reviewed, & Designed By A Team Of Lawyers, HR Professionals, & Graphic Artists

All the hard work has been done for you! The employee handbook template started with an attorney-drafted document which has been reviewed and polished by HR professionals, and elegantly styled by graphic designers.

There is NO better employee handbook template on the market!

Developed to comply with Alabama state and federal labor laws, this employee handbook template includes the policies used by 99.9% of all small businesses. So unless your business is extremely unusual, you found exactly what you are looking for!

Employee Handbook Professionals
Employee Handbook Professionals

Our Employee Handbook Is Used By All Types Of Businesses Including:




Medical Offices

Dental Office


Child Care





Financial companies


Security companies

Spas & Salons



& Many More

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QuickEmployeeHandbook.com is the highest rated Employee Handbook Online!


The Employee Handbook Template can be easily edited in any word processing software including ALL versions of Microsoft Word & Open Office!


Our Employee Handbooks are attorney drafted who customized each template for Alabama laws & federal requirements.

Quickly Create & Share Your Professional Employee Handbook In Many Formats


Print Handbook

This employee handbook can be printed and distributed as a physical handbook. The handbook was  designed and setup to allow 3-hole punch along the left side to easily put into a binder.  


Save As A PDF

Quickly turn your employee handbook into a professional looking PDF where you can send it via email,  posted online, or stored digitally.


Turn Into Online Document

This employee handbook can be converted into a html document where employees can read it on many mobile devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops.

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Employee Handbook Review Rachel
Rachel Matteson
"handbook..golden resource to have"

"Let me just begin by saying that this is the best money I have ever spent! This employee handbook template has saved me hundreds in legal fees. 1) It provides an excellent foundation for any company’s handbook with it being customized for each state! If you are starting from scratch or reviewing and(...)

Employee Handbook Review Joanna
Joanna F
"Easiest, quickest, and most professional employee handbook I have ever created"

"I have written many employee handbooks before using this employee handbook template and I know first-hand how much work, time, & effort it takes to create one. Let me tell you, this handbook turned out to be the easiest, quickest, and most professional employee handbook I have ever created! I really wish that(...)

Employee Handbook Review Fred
Fred Bishop
"Handbook Template... excellently formatted, written, and designed"

"Great employee handbook template! It was the exact thing I was looking for as I am expanding services from the UK/EU to the US. I needed employee handbooks to be up to date and written with regards to the laws of each state. This template definitely did that and was excellently formatted, written, and(...)

Employee Handbook Template Review Lorry
Lorry Shunduskie
"Save a fortune on legal fees and a bunch of time"

"So easy to edit and include your own logo and company information! I had tried other templates online but found that most were way outdated, poorly formatted, or very expensive. This employee handbook was the complete opposite and a MILLION times better than anything else I found or could ever do myself! They(...)

Employee Handbook Template Review Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson
"Perfect employee handbook for my own business"

"The employee handbook template was extremely easy to mold and fit into my business. This template has been a BIG help in crafting the perfect employee handbook for my own business and undoubtedly saved me hours if not days of trying to figure out how to create my employee handbook. Any serious person who(...)

Employee Handbook Review Emily
Emily F
"Everyone in the office was amazed & commented on how great the handbook looked...it was really nice

"Best employee handbook template ever made! Everyone in the office was amazed and commented on how great the handbook looked and what a great job I did which was really nice. This template is extremely helpful when you are put in charge of designing your employee handbook for your company. It includes(...)

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100 % Money Back Guarantee 

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